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Refunds & Cancellations

If you are not satisfied with our material we will accept a refund or cancellation inside the specified time for each item.

  • Video program: will be refunded for up to 7 days after the date of purchase.
  • Physical books: no refunds. If you furnish photographic proof that a good has been damaged irreparably in transit, we will replace it.
  • Monthly interview series: The active subscription can be cancelled anytime. There are no refunds on purchases from the Complete Seasons. Billed once per month for $19.97.
  • Consultations & rituals for hire: no refunds.
  • Physical goods: no refunds. If you furnish photographic proof that a good has been damaged irreparably in transit, we will replace it.

Note each user is entitled to one refund per video course. The refund policy is null and void if a user has outstanding debt on a previous order. All transactions are in US Dollars and no changes for foreign exchange rates will be made.


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