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Take advantage of Robert Bruce's 40+ years of success with spiritual evolution, and psychic abilities. Learn everything you need to totally transform your life, no matter who you are or where you're from.

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Starter Programs

Evolution eBook:

How to be fully develop all your psychic abilities

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Personal Consultations:

Speak with Robert one-to-one in private

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Monthly Interview Series

Listen to Robert interview a new spiritual guru every month

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Psychic Programs

Astral Projection Mastery:

How to get out of body and explore the astral plane

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Manifestation And Healing:

Tap into your Higher Self to manifest health and wellness

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Raising Kundalini:

The human race's first official guide to raising kundalini safely

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Exorcism– Defense Against The Dark Arts:

Learn bulletproof psychic self-defense

Clairvoyance– Opening Your Third Eye:

How to activate your clairvoyance and clairaudience

Evoking Angels:

White magick rituals for evoking divine angels

Lucid Dreaming:

How to turn your dreams into conscious realities

Genius– Your Higher Self:

Methods for accessing your Higher Self in your life

Mystical Programs

Love– The Energy Of Attraction:

Spiritual guidance for success with love and relationships

Money– The Energy Of Prosperity:

Harness the power of energy to increase your wealth

Moral Of The Story:

Robert tells his "greatest hits" and shares the lesson in each story

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