Your First Aid Guide To Psychic Self-Defense… You’re About To Learn “Martial Arts” Against Demons, Dark Energy, And Negative People… Techniques Even A Five Year Old Could Do

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In Defense Against The Dark Arts, you’ll learn:

  • How to protect against spirit possession
  • True nature of bad spirits or “demons”
  • Techniques for both adult & child safety
  • How to perform white magic rituals to banish energy and expel spirits
  • Uses of everyday tools for spiritual peace
  • My true “war stories” in the trenches of psychic self-defense for over 30 years

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Defense Against The Dark Arts

Dear Friend,

Welcome to my Defense Against Dark Arts program.

Defense Against Dark Arts contains everything I know about psychic self defense against dark entities and other humans.

This includes my working model of what negative entities are, how they operate, and how to exploit their weaknesses with effective countermeasures.

This course teaches you how to avoid and shield against negative dark forces, and against troublesome humans, and what to banish them when needed. Based on my book, The Practical Psychic Self Defense Handbook, I share practical methods for defending yourself and cleansing your home, methods that anyone can use.

I have taught the basics of how to banish dark spirits to children as young as 5yo, with great success. Some children are troubled by bad spirits, just as are some adults. And they are overjoyed to be taught how to defend themselves.

This program contains extensive sections on children’s issues, and how to help kids to grow up in peace. It is not parent’s fault that they do not recognize dark problems, and do not know what to do. What I teach is not common knowledge.

When Darkness Descends There Is No Warning Nor Time To Waste… You Need Defense Right Now

When the darkness descends, there is no warning or time to learn complex rituals of shielding and defense. You need something you can use RIGHT NOW that works.

Simple and effective things like running water, electrical earthing, fumigation, mega salt baths, and pentagram banishments. Reliable things that work are a Godsend if you ever end up in the shadows.

People often tell me that my book should be kept in a glass case with big red letters saying ‘IN CASE OF DARK ATTACK BREAK GLASS!’

The Most Dangerous Mistake Is To Do Nothing At All…

This is, sadly, often the case, where people wait until something bad happens before they even begin to research what they can do about it. The popular belief that ‘like attracts like’ does not apply to psychic defense. Let me explain…

This course on psychic defense can be likened to a First Aid training course. When you take a first aid course, you do not expect to suddenly attract people with spurting arteries and stopped hearts. No, that does not happen.

So the ‘like attracts like’ thing does not apply to first aid training. Its the same with psychic defense. But, if something bad does happen, on both counts, you will know EXACTLY what to do.

Taking this course will teach you how to identify common dark entity problems, and exactly what to do to fix things. And once you understand how this works, your life will be much brighter.

Enjoy the program…

Best Wishes,

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