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"Promote Spiritual Evolution - Get Paid"


The Partners Program is a way for you to team up with Robert Bruce. It's a way for you to help spiritual practitioners to evolve and develop their psychic abilities, and get paid for it. This is a referral program, and we share everything 50/50. You make money every time a customer purchases one of our products through your affiliate link.


Program Price Commission
Evolution eBook
$19.97 $9.97 base
Interviews With Spiritual Gurus
$19.97 per month $9.97 per month
Manifestation And Healing $199.85 $99.92 base
Astral Projection Mastery $399.85 $199.92 base
The Energy Body: Kundalini & The Chakras Coming Soon TBD
Exorcism: Defense Against The Dark Arts Coming Soon TBD
Clairvoyance: Opening Your Third Eye Coming Soon TBD
Magick: Evoking Your Destiny
Coming Soon TBD
Genius: Accessing Your Higher Self
Coming Soon TBD
Love: The Energy Of Attraction Coming Soon TBD
Money: The Energy Of Prosperity Coming Soon TBD
The 77 Laws Of Spirituality Coming Soon TBD
The Moral Of The Story Coming Soon TBD


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Your special link will automatically track your sales and credit you each time you earn money.


What are your long term goals for this?
We're founding a physical spiritual institute, to advance the development of spirituality. Also, we're creating the first complete set of psychic training programs ever made. Our major goal is to make metaphysical education mainstream and accessible to everyone.

Do I have to pay any money to participate?
No. You can get paid without ever buying a program.

How do I interview Robert for my show?
Contact us here.

Can I get paid if I refer a new Partner? (Not just a customer)
Yes. When you refer a new affiliate to us, you get part of our portion of the revenue from their sales, in addition to what you earn from your own referred sales.

If you have any questions, or comments, then Contact Us.

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